Saturday, July 30, 2005

Oh No She Didn't - Part II: Episode Three

Created By: Serene Bridgett Hollingsworth for
Bahiyah Woman Magazine
Written By: Serene Bridgett Hollingsworth
Graphic Design: Designs By Rachelle -Rachelle Gould-Harris
Music Production: Hard Hitters Music, Columbus, Ohio
Producers: Aaron Hollingsworth & John Smith

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Oh No She Didn't - Part II

Episode Three

Micah opened the door and gave one last look in Lauryn’s direction. She was now attempting to balance both Chris Jr. and Kai, who were both now fully awake. She still looked amazingly radiant in his eyes. He wondered how she could not understand his devotion and level of love for her. She was completely engaged with the children and her love for them made him ache. Micah thought again how beautiful the portrait would be, if only. Yes, if only she would be his wife. But not even Picasso could paint this picture. Micah briefly frozen reflecting on the image of Lauryn and the children—his minds eye had snapped a photo to capture the moment. He leaned against the door and taking a long deep breath, he summoned his courage.

"Lauryn, I don’t understand how you utter the word love, yet you refuse to complete me. This game of "playing house" is sadly coming to an end my beautiful mocha kiss. I hope you’re ready to deal with the fallout of ‘truth’ according to Lauryn."

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